Jade is a cum laude graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she earned a BFA in photography. Jade is a fine art photographer who believes that a photograph preserves a moment by creating a bridge between fantasy and reality. Adamant that a successful photograph stems from the relationship of the photographer and the subject, she revels in the relationships that are built during photoshoots.

Involvement with the arts has always been paramount in her life but before she dug her teeth into photography, she considered herself a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. Her first artistic encounters began on stage in regional productions based in Colorado. She quickly discovered that while she enjoyed theatre, she didn't like the attention when performances concluded. After bowing (pun not intended, but acknowledged) to the to the fact that a life on a stage was not in her repertoire, she set about to find a different method of artistic self-expression. Following the stage, Jade dabbled in various genres of writing before finding her passion with photography. And while she had always been familiar with a camera, Jade credits her shutterbug life starting in 2002—she hasn't set the camera down.

Describing her photography style as a perpetual journey of development and discovery, she is exploring the concept of chronic illness through photography by drawing from her personal life—having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at fourteen.


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